The Band

Juliet: Lead Singer 

Ali: Crazy on Guitar 

Stephan: Master of Bass

Can: Force of Drums

Vapor Void came to life in October 2016. We played our first gig after practicing for two months with a set list of six own songs. We then went to a studio for one day to record the drums – we had two more songs by then – and the bass was recorded shortly after. Two songs are done already: Not Too Much and Funny Games. We are still recording the others while we already practice new songs.

We are a typical Berlin band. This is, we are international: Can, the drummer, is from Turkey, Stephan, the bass player comes from Potsdam, Juliet, our singer, is from Philippines, Ali, guitar, is from the south of Germany – like most of the Berlin population.

So that’s what we are: Powerful voice, strong guitars, solid bass and overwhelming drums.